OVRM is situated in the quaint little fishing village of Talaramba, which belongs to the larger area known as Weligama-Mirissa. This area is world famous for surfing and whale-watching and it has some of the nicest beaches found in Sri Lanka. The popular Mirissa Beach is only 1.3km away, 5 minutes by car and it is a lively place to enjoy a day surfing, swimming and casual dining at any of nice, small beach restaurants.

Both the Weligama and Mirissa towns, which are also usually lively populated with tourist and locals shopping for catch-of-the-day seafood or hand crafted exotic souvenirs, are also only a short ride by car. The Arpico Super Market is only 5 minutes by car and you are able to buy virtually anything there, from fresh produce, meats, seafood, to pharmaceutical products. The large cosmopolitan/commercial town of Matara is about 10 minutes from OVRM and it caters to your every need, including with many supermarkets, shops, banks, and restaurants/eateries. Of course, close to OVRM within a short walk, bike or tuk-tuk ride, there are also many small shops where you can buy your essential food items. As for dining out, there are many close-by restaurants, mostly housed within other resorts, which can provide you with some great dining experiences. As OVRM itself is in a small secluded bay, it provides more privacy than your typical long-beach environment as the people you meet when doing beach walks are either guests from the few small tourist resorts in the area or locals from the Talaramba fishing village.

If you would venture afar, activities in the surrounding areas include visits to Tea and Cinnamon plantations, taking a safari at Yala animal sanctuary and spending time in the fascinating Galle city renowned for the famous Galle Fort, built first in 1588 by the Portuguese and then extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century.